Antimicrobial Expert Advisory Group

The Antimicrobial Expert Advisory Group (AEAG) provides a source of expertise on antimicrobial stewardship, resistance, infection prevention and management and related issues which impact on the pharmacy profession and the public

The group serves as a consultative group to the Boards of the Londep (RPS), acting as a source of expertise/advice and providing evidenced-based thought leadership to inform RPS policy.

The main aim of the AEAG is to provide leadership in antimicrobial stewardship, resistance and infection prevention and management matters and this will be achieved by constituting an empowered and representative network of experts across all relevant backgrounds to:

  • advise the RPS on national and international antimicrobial and infection prevention and management matters 
  • support RPS with acting as a conduit for requests for advice, expertise, input and comment from government and other organisations
  • provide a cohesive, strategic forum to ensure pharmacy is able to input and shape key policies and innovation around antimicrobial issues
  • provide a confidential forum for sharing intelligence, in order to support and inform those engaged in similar projects and work streams
  • ensure a joined up approach across RPS and the profession, including existing RPS groups and the UKCPA Pharmacy Infection Network and Scottish Antimicrobial Pharmacist Association 

Member specification

  • nationally and internationally recognised as an expert in antimicrobials (members should be at the forefront of antimicrobial expertise from all sectors)
  • high level of involvement in institutional roles and professional organisations. 
  • high professional standing and reputation. It is desirable that members have been recognised by the RPS’s Faculty or are working towards recognition
  • broad knowledge and expertise in antimicrobial pharmacy and/or multidisciplinary experience and expertise
  • high level of organisational leadership and management skills 
  • member of the RPS (members of the group are expected to conform to the RPS code of conduct for members of governance bodies as well as codes applicable to their respective disciplines and institutions).


Chair: Jacqueline Sneddon

  • Diane Ashiru Oredope
  • Elizabeth Beech
  • Alison Cockburn
  • Emma Cramp
  • Mark Gilchrist
  • Cairine Gormley
  • Kieran Hand
  • Diane Harris
  • Philip Howard
  • Jayne Lawrence
  • Ceri Phillips
  • Nick Reid
  • Tushar Shah
  • Tracey Thornley
  • Paul Wade
  • Laura Whitney
  • Hayley Wickens