Pre-registration Advisory Group

The pre-registration advisory group  provides leadership in pre-registration practice and this will be achieved by constituting an empowered and representative network of leaders. It is a voluntary group and network of pre-registration tutors and trainees with experience of GPhC pre-registration training in various sectors across GB.

This group will contribute to the RPS pre-registration project and provide constructive and reasoned feedback to steer the development and evolution of RPS pre-registration support, resources and tools.

Look specifically, the group will:

  • Provide advice and consultation to the RPS and inform standards, guidance and professional policy on emergent issues and consultations relevant to in pre-registration practice;
  • Provide a range of perspectives and facilitate stakeholder engagement across pharmacy sectors;
  • Provide perspectives to help the National Boards influence external stakeholders (in and outside the profession) on development of pre-registration practice; and
  • Engage with the National Boards, other RPS expert groups and panels to share expertise in order to support improvements in the pre-reg experience and outcomes.

Member specification

  • Nationally (or internationally) recognised as an expert and leader in pre-registration practice
  • High level of involvement in institutional roles and professional organisations
  • Possess a broad knowledge and expertise in a relevant area of support and development for pre-registration  trainees

In addition, members of the advisory group will be expected to be:

  • A member of the RPS. Members of the group are expected to conform to the RPS code of conduct for members of governance bodies as well as codes applicable to their respective disciplines and institutions
  • Recognised by the RPS Faculty or working toward Faculty recognition
  • Not be a member of any other RPS Advisory Group

Members will be expected to declare any interests that may be a conflict to the work underway.


Chair: Ash Soni

  • Aamer Safdar
  • Akila Ahmed
  • Alisdair MacIntyre
  • Altaf Vaiya
  • Amanda Kemp
  • Atif Saddiq
  • Atif Shamim
  • Babir Malik
  • Dan Greenwood
  • Darshan Negandhi
  • Farah Hira Ali 
  • Hadar Zaman
  • Harsha Parmar
  • Jaspreet Kaur
  • Kathryn Hodgson
  • Laura Doyle
  • Marc Miell
  • Nadia Bhukahri
  • Noma Al-Ahmad
  • Oksana Pyzik
  • Paulette Storey
  • Pratik Thakkar
  • Rosalyn Cheesman
  • Sameed Mahmood
  • Scott Dalgliesh
  • Simon Harris
  • Stephen Peddie
  • Sukdeep Gill
  • Stephanie Bancroft
  • Wasim Baqir
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