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Pharmacist Prescribing Discussion Group

<p>The Pharmacist Prescribing Discussion Group is a discussion forum open to all registered and trainee pharmacist prescribers and those pharmacists who have an interest in the development and implementation of non-medical prescribing. The discussion group has been set up to facilitate the exchange of information and to support people involved in this developing field </p>

<p>The group is open to any pharmacist registered with the GPhC, whether working in the National Health Service, private or commercial sector, or not currently employed. Pharmacist prescribing refers to the activity regulated by the GPhC and includes both supplementary and independent pharmacist prescribers. </p>

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Gifty Asamoah

Gifty Asamoahcreated the topic: Pharmacist independent prescriber course

Hello, I would like to complete the pharmacist independent prescriber course but struggling to find a dmp as I work in community. If you are an independent prescriber, I would appreciate your input on how your found a dmp and if you know of any docto ...

1 month ago

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  • Lisa CorkerI have recently completed the independent non medical prescribing course. I had the same problem as I am a community pharmacist running my own business full time. Luckily one of the doctors at the local NHS dermatology clinic agreed to be my DMP. If ...1 month ago
  • Gifty AsamoahThank you Lisa for sharing your experience and for your advice. I hope to find a doctor who is willing to be a dmp soon. Cheers1 month ago
Rachel Jeynes

Rachel Jeynescreated the topic: FREE Training for CCG and Practice pharmacists

Join The MORPh Training Network MORPh Training have been delivering dedicated training for primary care pharmacists for the last 5 years. The events have 3-4 experts, with slides available on the day and are full study days. Its a great way to learn, ...

6 months ago

Patsy Rogers

Patsy Rogerscreated the topic: Private pharmacist prescribing in a community pharmacy

Hi, Is anyone working as a private pharmacist prescriber within a community pharmacy? I’d be interested to chat about this. Martha

9 months ago

  • Paul BlakeI would also be interested in hearing from anyone offering a private NMP service. I currently am part of a community pharmacy NHS NMP scheme but wish to add a private prescribing service,

    Paul8 months ago
Jasvir Singh Dhillon

Jasvir Singh Dhilloncreated the topic: Upcoming training on Dermatology

Hi Please find below details of an upcoming training event by the MPPN. Free to members, email [email protected] Dear All, Please find attached the programme for the MPPN’s second training workshop: “Essential Dermatology - Everyday Skin Managem ...

9 months ago


Anonymouscreated the topic: Consultant Pharmacist hub page

We have publisheda Consultant Pharmacist Hub Page. The guide has been developed to support pharmacists aspiring to become consultantpharmacists and those currently in the role. The guide will also be useful to commissioners/pharmacy leaders &he ...

10 months ago

Jasvir Singh Dhillon

Jasvir Singh Dhilloncreated the topic: Are you a clinical pharmacist or pharmacy technician working in general practice in the Midlands?

I have recently become involved in the creation and running of a Midlands-based network for clinical pharmacists and pharmacy technicians. The Midlands Practice Pharmacy Network has been formed to support, encourage and empower pharmacy professionals ...

1 year ago

Rosemary Lim

Rosemary Limcreated the topic: Antibiotic prescribing for RTIs

Dear Colleague, Re: Antibiotic prescribing for respiratory tract infections by non-medical prescribers: Influences on prescribing behaviour Researchers at Cardiff University are undertaking a small study to explore the factors influencing …

1 year ago


Anonymouscreated the topic: Prescribing Competency Framework

We've launched our prescribing competency framework for all prescribers to assist you in your practice, find out more

1 year ago


Anonymouscreated the topic: Changes to medication classes

When medications are reclassified from POM to P or from P to GSL the responsibilities of a pharmacist regarding the supply of that medication change. It’s important therefore for a pharmacists continuing professional development to refresh their &hel ...

1 year ago


Anonymouscreated the topic: Guidance for prescribing of specials

The professional guidance for the procurement and supply of pharmaceutical Specials has been periodically updated since its first publication in 2010; recent amendments have been added to reflect changes in healthcare legislation. This guidance aims ...

1 year ago

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