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<p>The Pharmacists Working in GP Practices (PwGP) Network is an open forum that caters for pharmacists wishing to discuss and review any non-confidential topics related to GP practice pharmacy. If you have any questions relating to this topic or would like to discuss an issue or concern then this is the forum. </p><p>The PwGP group extends a warm welcome to all pharmacists working in general practice and those who have an active interest in enhancing this role across the profession and also within the wider NHS. We also warmly welcomes those pharmacists who wish to either pursue this career pathway or as a possibility in the distant future. </p>

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Heather Motion

Heather Motioncreated the topic: Sharing clinical pharmacist experience

I have recently become the Medicines Optimisation Lead at SCW CSU and am interested in the wider field of pharmacy and medicines, including clinical pharmacy in GP practice. A colleague is also doing a piece of work with which she would appreciate in ...

4 weeks ago

Rebecca Baker

Rebecca Bakercreated the topic: Pharmacy team in practice

Working alongside other pharmacists and pharmacy technicians within a GP practice ... would it be wrong to call it a pharmacy team within the practice

8 months ago

  • Robin ConibereNo definitely not wrong! We now have a team email where we work, and a "Team Task box" so we can all do the bits that are most suited to our skill set, still more work than time to do it, it seems though!1 month ago
Dipal Patel

Dipal Patelanswered the question Appraisals

i see!! thank you so much Caroline... so if we have a community of practice within each CCG could we potentially peer review / appraise each other? I think the context is for the purpose of professional development an to have proper audit trail of & ...
Caroline Houlton also answered the question Caroline Houlton also answered the question

9 months ago

Grant Martin

Grant Martinanswered the question gp practice pharmacist job vacancies

Hi Sandeep, They are mostly advertised on NHS Jobs. You may find a few in private clinics that are advertised on C&D or Indeed but I think NHS jobs will be your best bet. Hope this helps Grant

9 months ago

Sandeep Channa

Sandeep Channaasked the question: gp practice pharmacist job vacancies

Hello all, I am a community pharmacist and am looking to go into the gp practice pharmacy sector. Just wanted to know where the jobs are advertised ? e.g. nhs jobs?

9 months ago

Razia Jacoob

Razia Jacoobasked the question: Appraisals

Has any GP practice pharmacists been appraised by their GP mentor?

9 months ago

Rachel Jeynes

Rachel Jeynescreated the topic: Free Training for Practice Pharmacists

Free training for Practice Pharmacists in Guildford and Leicester this month! 15th May, Diabetes, Guildford 17th May, Asthma - Leicester

9 months ago

Bilal Shah

Bilal Shahcreated the topic: Anticoagulation Meetings for pharmacists in May & June 2018

Are you a pharmacist wanting to up-skill in the area of anticoagulation or are already experienced in anticoagulation? If so, then come to one of the BEAT (Bring experts in Anticoagulation Together) Forum meetings where you can learn more about &hell ...

9 months ago

Sameed Mahmood

Sameed Mahmoodcreated the topic: Interview questions​

Hi all, I am a clinical pharmacist by training. I am due to attend an interview for a practice pharmacist role, I would greatly appreciate it if could advise me on any questions, hints and tips etc Thank you, Sameed

10 months ago

  • Joanna LiHi Sameed,
    Hope you were successful. Would you be able to share what questions they asked and any tips please?
    Thank you.
    Jo3 months ago
Jasvir Singh Dhillon

Jasvir Singh Dhilloncreated the topic: Upcoming Training by Midlands Practice Pharmacist Network - Dermatology

Hi Please find below details of an upcoming training event by the MPPN. Free to members, email [email protected] Dear All, Please find attached the programme for the MPPN’s second training workshop: “ Essential Dermatology - Everyday Skin Manage ...

1 year ago


Anonymouscreated the topic: Consultant Pharmacist hub page

We have publisheda Consultant Pharmacist Hub Page. The guide has been developed to support pharmacists aspiring to become consultantpharmacists and those currently in the role. The guide will also be useful to commissioners/pharmacy leaders &he ...

1 year ago

Rachel Jeynes

Rachel Jeynescreated the topic: Study Days for Practice Pharmacists

We have developed study days for practice pharmacists. The days are free and at the moment we are running training on: Interpretation of Laboratory Results Mental Health Chronic Pain Infection Control Anti Coagulation We are running these across the ...

1 year ago


Anonymouscreated the topic: Bryter - call for research participants

Hello, We have a message from Bryter, an independent market research company based in London. They are currently conducting research, on behalf of a pharmaceutical company, to better understand the nature of clinical pharmacists within General Practi ...

1 year ago

Clare James

Clare Jamescreated the topic: Anticoagulation monitoring

Hi, I'm trying to find out more about how many GP practices are providing anticoagulation monitoring across the country. GP practices in Bath and North East Somerset do this under a LES, but other areas local to us use secondary care provided service ...

1 year ago

Elanor Thomas

Elanor Thomascreated the topic: Pharmacist Partners & Professional Indemnity

Hi, is there any other pharmacists out there who are partners of a GP practices? I am unable to find anyone who will cover my PI. The MDU & MDDUS have declined as have the PDA. It appears no longer being an employee is the problem Any help would be & ...

1 year ago

Nuala Hampson

Nuala Hampsoncreated the topic: Pharmacists working in practices in Lincolnshire

Hi, is anyone aware of any pharmacists working in general practice in Lincolnshire? Can you please get in touch directly? Many thanks Nuala Hampson [email protected]

1 year ago

  • Graham BellHi Nuala, we have a group (currently 6, shortly to be 7) of pharmacists working in a large multi-centre GP group of practices in Northamptonshire, Cambridgeshire and Lincolnshire (in Stamford). I'll also send you a message by email. Regards Graham 1 year ago
Jasvir Singh Dhillon

Jasvir Singh Dhilloncreated the topic: Are you a clinical pharmacist or pharmacy technician working in general practice in the Midlands?

I have recently become involved in the creation and running of a Midlands-based network for clinical pharmacists and pharmacy technicians. The Midlands Practice Pharmacy Network has been formed to support, encourage and empower pharmacy professionals ...

1 year ago

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  • Helen NguyenHi, you are aware of the South Worcestershire cohort right? Largest NHSE wave 1 bid site for pharms into GP practice? Think we have about 28 pharms now! 32 GP practice CCG but all our pilot pharms are employed by their practices x1 year ago
  • Rachel JeynesHi Helen, We are running study days for practice and primary care pharmacists in the West Midlands but also across England. The next on for the West Midlands is on September 20th on Infection Control, then on the 21st November on Mental Health1 year ago
Rosemary Lim

Rosemary Limcreated the topic: Antibiotic prescribing for RTIs

Dear Colleague, Re: Antibiotic prescribing for respiratory tract infections by non-medical prescribers: Influences on prescribing behaviour Researchers at Cardiff University are undertaking a small study to explore the factors influencing …

1 year ago

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