Pharmacists can improve outcomes across a number of clinical pathways

The Londep is exploring ways in which community pharmacists can further contribute to the delivery of optimal care pathways, to support their local health economies and improve patient care and reduce unwaranted variation. One way of doing this is to demonstrate the part community pharmacists can play in the delivery of .

Case studies have shown that pharmacy teams help reduce unwarranted variation and improve outcomes across a number of clinical pathways. These examples of good practice offer the opportunity for replication at scale to enable the local health economies to make the best use of their resources.

Pharmacists can find out what the priorities in their local area are through the and access the data for opportunities for local collaboration, where pharmacists and their teams can make a real difference. The NHS Right Care data looks at the use of medicines as part of whole pathways rather than in isolation which is a big step towards considering the value of medicines when treating specific conditions.

The involvement of pharmacists is crucial as the NHS England invests £16.8 billion in medicines annually. As experts in medicine pharmacists are an integral part of ensuring that the NHS gets the best value for money and patients get the most from their medicines, improving patient outcomes. 

We encourage community pharmacists and those working in CCGs to come together to deliver optimal care for patients across the care pathways. Also, if you have any additional case studies we can add to the database then please email: h[email protected] 

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