RPS England concerned about health inequalities if prescribing restrictions go ahead

NHS Clinical Commissioners and NHS England have launched a consultation document on reducing prescribing of over-the-counter medicines for 33 minor, short-term health concerns.

NHS Clinical Commissioners and NHS England have launched a for 33 minor, short-term health concerns. 

These prescriptions include items for a condition:

  • That is considered to be self-limiting and so does not need treatment as it will heal of its own accord
  • Which lends itself to self-care, so the person suffering does not normally need to seek medical care, but may decide to seek help with symptom relief from a local pharmacy and use an over the counter medicine.

Read more about the . The closing date for submitting responses to the consultation is Wednesday 14 March 2018.

RPS England Board Chair Sandra Gidley said: " All pharmacists support self care for minor self-limiting conditions and would encourage people to purchase treatments when they are able - and there's the crunch.

"One of the consequences of implementing a reduction in prescribing would be to exacerbate health inequalities amongst those on already stretched incomes. This group are more likely to experience poor health but could end up with less access to treatment as a result of this proposal.  This move also fundamentally alters the principle that care is free at the point of delivery and as such should be legislated for by Parliament and not implemented by Clinical Commissioning Groups. 

"We will be providing a response to this consultation. Please either respond yourself, encourage your organisation to do so or let us know your views through [email protected]"

NHS England have also organised several events to provide more information on the consultation:

Face to face

•         Tues 30 Jan (2pm – 4pm) 

•         Fri 9 Feb (2pm – 4pm) 

•         Mon 5 Mar (2pm – 4pm)


•          (1pm – 2:30pm)

•         (1pm – 2:30pm) 

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