RPS Faculty

Professional development and recognition for pharmacy

Being a Faculty member will allow you to demonstrate your professional achievements. You will be awarded post-nominals, signalling your stage of advanced practice to colleagues, peers, employers, patients and the public.

The RPS Faculty is a great way to:

  • Make sure you're ready for GPhC's new CPD requirements.
  • Demonstrate your level of practice to other healthcare colleagues.
  • Differentiate yourself from other job candidates and colleagues.
  • Develop further using feedback and a professional development plan.


Become a Faculty member in 10 weeks

How has the Faculty helped others?

The Faculty has benefited me in many ways. Firstly it gave me the chance to reflect on my practice and receive encouraging peer testimonials. Secondly, it has provided my with a clear development plan to enable me to focus my areas of personal development. Finally, it has given me the chance to reflect on how I can support the career development and professional recognition of my team. In terms of my career, it has enhanced my role by broadening my sphere of practice.

- Tim Rendell FFRPS MRPharmS
Head of Pharmacy, Day Lewis  

Boots UK, the largest community employer in the UK, has offered all employees subsidised Faculty and RPS membership fees, and is an accredited RPS Foundation Training Provider. Their Director of Pharmacy states that funding half of the Faculty fee "demonstrates our dedication to the professional development of our pharmacists and the strengthening of our links with the RPS".

- Boots UK

The professional development plan has been really valuable. I have been able to turn this plan into objectives. Building my portfolio has allowed me to reflect on what I have achieved so far in my career and also give me an idea of what areas I need to develop over the next five to 10 years. Shortly after completing the Faculty process I secured a promotion to a specialist post and the Faculty gave me the confidence to do this.

- Ryan Hamilton MFRPSI MRPharmS
Antimicrobial Specialist Pharmacist, Univeristy Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust

LPWG recommends that all registered pharmacists should be members of their professional body, the Londep (RPS) and strongly encourages engagement with the RPS Faculty.

- London Pharmacy Workforce Group (LPWG)

I am proud to use my post-nominals, and I am sure my Faculty Fellowship status has helped in grant applications where professional recognition of the investigator can be very important. I feel more confident in being able to sell myself through knowing that my knowledge and skills have been assessed externally. The process is also incredibly useful in identifying any gaps in professional expertise.

- Bryony Dean Franklin FFRPS FRPharmS
Executive Lead Pharmacist for Research, Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust

All pharmacists in the Cwm Taf UHB Medicines Management Directorate should be members of their professional body, the Londep, and should engage with the RPS Faculty and achieve membership at an appropriate level.

- Cwm Taf University Health Board



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