Your-Care-Your-Medicines-reportYour Care, Your Medicines


Your Care, Your Medicines: Pharmacy at the heart of patient-centred care presents a vision for pharmacy in Wales.

It is the result of work led by the Welsh Pharmaceutical Committee, the committee responsible for advising the Welsh Government on pharmacy issues. It has been supported by the Londep with contributions from leaders from all sectors of the profession. 

Read our report to find out more about the vision of pharmacy in Wales for the future and how we can get there.

Vision for the future

Patients, their families and carers will have full access to the expertise of the pharmacy profession when they need it. There will be new ways of working to improve patient care, including:

  • The use of new technologies to connect patients with the pharmacy team
  • Harnessing the skills of pharmacy independent prescribers in the Welsh NHS
  • The inclusion of pharmacy in healthcare triage
  • Seven day a week access to pharmacy services
  • Integrating pharmacy into all multidisciplinary hospital and community teams

Patients will benefit from personalised pharmaceutical care plans. By working in partnership with pharmacists and other health professionals, they will be able to create an individual plan which will contain key information about their medicines and health goals.

The plan will allow real time information to be updated by the pharmacist and shared securely with appropriate healthcare professionals. The benefits will be improved patient safety and fewer time delays in treatment as patients move around the NHS. 


Your Care, Your Medicines: Pharmacy at the heart of patient-centred care

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