Pharmacists and their teams must engage more with patients, carers and the public about the care that can be delivered through pharmacy. This patient engagement hub is a collection of resources that have already been developed and used by pharmacy teams to speak directly to patients, carers and the public.

The purpose of the hub is to provide ideas and inspiration to stimulate and support other teams with engagement. The hub provides easy access to resources, mapped over nine themes. If you are inspired to develop your own resources or have any already in use that you would like to share please submit to [email protected] .


engage11 - Leaflet

engage2 - Poster

engage3 - Advert

engage4 - Video

engage5 - Web

engage6 - Other

engage7 - Community

engage8 - Hospital

engage9 - Case Study

engage10 - Evaluated

What does pharmacy do? What does pharmacy do?


engage5    engage4    engage7    engage8   

Videos showing what community and hospital pharmacists do and the care they can offer.


engage5    engage4    engage7    engage8   

Animation showing the role of pharmacists in integrated care and how they improve patient care.

(National Pharmacy Association)

engage11    engage4    engage7

National campaign promoting the care that pharmacists offer. Including medicines myths and facts, information on getting the most out of medicines, keeping healthy, monitoring your health and pharmacy services.

(Walsall Healthcare)

engage4    engage8    engage7

Highlights how hospital and community pharmacy teams help patients get the best out of their medicines in the Walsall area.

(Choose Well Manchester)

engage5    engage4    engage7

Video highlighting the care and support community pharmacy offers.

(European Association of Hospital Pharmacists)

engage4    engage8

Video explaining what hospital pharmacists do and how they support patient care.

(Australian Pharmacy Guild)

engage4    engage7

Animation highlighting additional services that community pharmacies can offer in Australia.

(Ontario Pharmacists Association)

engage4    engage7

Video of mall display manned by pharmacists demonstrating range of services that can be delivered to support patient care in Ontario, Canada.

engage11    engage5    engage7

US infographic demonstrating what pharmacists do and how they support patient care. 

(North East London Local Pharmaceutical Committee)

engage11    engage5    engage7

Newsletters to inform the public of North East London about a range of pharmacy services in the autumn of 2013. The newsletters include information on flu vaccination, electronic prescription service and prescription re-ordering.

(Pharmaceutical Services Negotiating Committee)

engage11    engage7

Patient newsletters outlining range of pharmacy services, advice that pharmacists can offer on minor conditions, medicines and healthy lifestyles.

(County Durham & Darlington Local Pharmaceutical Committee)

engage11    engage7

Leaflet highlighting NHS services that are offered in all community pharmacies in County Durham and Darlington, additional services offered in some pharmacies as well as private services.

(Dispensing Health)

engage5    engage7

A long-term campaign designed to encourage the general public, parliament, politicians, policy makers and health professionals to think differently about how they interact with community pharmacy. The website contains a patients and the public section (currently focused on No Smoking)

How can pharmacy help me with my medicines? How can pharmacy help me with my medicines?

Medicines Optimisation Campaign (Pfizer)

engage11    engage7    engage10

Scratch card, poster to encourage patients to ask pharmacists about medicines. You can view the scratch card and order resource materials here.

(West of Scotland Board)

engage11    engage5    engage7    engage10

Six week campaign with poster, website and radio advert. Encouraging patients to talk their pharmacist about their medicines. 


engage11    engage7

Booklet, leaflet and posters explaining the Medicines Use Review service to patients.

(NHS Notts/PSNC)

engage11    engage7

Poster and flyer to help promote the New Medicine Service to patients.


engage11    engage5    engage8    engage7

Safer Prescribing Campaign in the Tayside area to engage with patients, carers and the public to understand their medicines.  Patient cards which gives patients questions to ask a healthcare professional about their medicines

How can pharmacy help me look after myself? How can pharmacy help me look after myself?


engage5    engage4    engage7

Animation highlighting the benefits of visiting the pharmacy for treatment and advice for minor health problems.

(North of Tyne & Gateshead & South Tyneside LPCs)

engage5    engage3    engage7

LPCs Local radio advert encouraging patients to visit their local community pharmacy for the NHS flu vaccination service and advice on protecting yourself from the flu.

(Durham and Darlington LPCs)

engage11    engage7

Poster encouraging patients to visit community pharmacy for the treatment of minor ailments in Durham and Darlington. The poster raises awareness of various common ailments which can be treated at a community pharmacy.

(Community Pharmacy West Yorkshire)

engage11    engage7

Pharmacy First campaign Range of materials encouraging patients to use pharmacy first for free advice on the treatment of various minor illnesses.

  1. CP poster minor ailments
  2. GP poster –minor ailments
  3. Window sticker
  4. Business card leaflet

(Proprietary Association (PAGB) and Pharmacy Voice)

engage11    engage5    engage4    engage7

Campaign aimed at winter ailments and encouraging use of pharmacy when suffering with cold and flu symtpoms:

  1. Website
  2. GP poster
  3. Leaflet

(Northumberland, Tyne and Wear, Durham and Darlington and Tesside NHS)

engage11    engage5    engage4    engage7

Website with self-care advice video aimed at reducing winter pressures.

Factsheets (Self Care Forum)

engage11    engage5    engage7

Series of double-sided factsheets on common ailments, also being promoted to GPs for printing in surgery or having on website. Also available in Welsh.

(Choose Well Manchester)

engage11    engage4    engage7

Series of self-care leaflets for minor ailments, some with animations.

(Choose Well Wales)

engage11    engage5    engage7

Self care website with resources - Number of self care resources including

  • Pharmacy and eye poster
  • App

How can pharmacy help me when I am admited to or leave hospital? How can pharmacy help me when I am admited to or leave hospital?

How can pharmacy help me when I am admitted to hospital?

engage5    engage11    engage8

 (Sheffield Teaching Hospitals)

Poster from Sheffield Teaching Hospital with information and checklists to support patients on pre-admission, during hospital stay and on discharge.

(Northumbria NHS Trust)

engage5    engage11    engage8

Campaign encouraging patients to speak to staff at Northumbria Hospital about their medicines. Includes sticker which goes on patient's bedside locker, two posters and patient booklet. 


engage11    engage8

Leaflet on pharmacy services at UHS, encouraging patients to speak to the pharmacy team about their medicines.


engage11    engage8

Booklet to help patients understand the medication they may receive during hospital stay.


engage11    engage8

Booklet to help patients understand the medication they may receive during surgery.

3 IMPORTANT QUESTIONS. (Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust)

engage11    engage8

Card to help check understanding of medicines and encourages pateints to seek further help where necessary.


How can pharmacy help me when I leave hospital?


engage5    engage4    engage8

Campaign on transfer of care – getting your medicines right. Highlights importance of accurate transfer of information on patients medication, includes video and also a patient factsheet form which helps to keep an up-to-date list of medicines.

(Walsall Healthcare)

engage4    engage8    engage7

Video highlighting how hospital and community pharmacy teams help patients get the best out of their medicines in the Walsall area.

(Derby Hospitals)

engage5    engage8    engage7

A discharge referral service with the hospital pharmacy referring patients directly to their nominated community pharmacy following their discharge for MUR or NMS.


engage5    engage8    engage7

Provides a checklist for patient to help remind patients of what they need to put in place when going home. This includes information on medication, follow up and support.

I'm ill, where should I go for help? I'm ill, where should I go for help?

(Choose Well Wales)

engage11    engage7

Website with resources – which highlight the various NHS services available to patients in Wales, and instances where self-care would be appropriate. Resources available in a number of languages.

I have X condition, how can pharmacy help me? I have X condition, how can pharmacy help me?

Asthma UK


engage11    engage5    engage7

(Greater Manchester LPC)

engage11    engage7

Posters for inhaler technique checks - Provides general statistics on inhaler use and encourages patients to local pharmacist to check technique.

Epilepsy Society

engage11    engage5    engage4    engage7

Assisted with and promoted the RPS medicines optimisation briefing through website; Website provides information on how to . Includes video presentation from Dr Trudy Thomas , Head of Clinical and Professional Practice/Taught Postgraduate Programmes Lead, Medway School of Pharmacy to help inform people with epilepsy how their pharmacist can help. Dr Thomas also hosted a .


engage11    engage5    engage7

Series of patient information leaflets produced by the HIV Pharmacy Association. 

(Parkinson's UK)

engage5    engage11    engage8    engage7

Description of healthcare professionals that can help people with Parkinson’s included on website – Pharmacist included in list of healthcare professionals and includes link to resources and support for pharmacists.

Q&A - Session held with neurologist specialist pharmacist - Discussion forum held in March 2014 featured pharmacist responding to a range of medicine related enquiries posed by people with Parkinson’s.

How can pharmacy help me with my child's medicine? How can pharmacy help me with my child's medicine?

(Brighton and Hove)

engage4    engage7

Video explaining pharmacy to primary school age children.

engage5    engage11    engage4    engage7

National resource that provides information on how to take medicines. Number of leaflets and videos available on using inhalers, giving eye drops, ear drops, nasal sprays etc. Also signposts to pharmacist for children’s services generally. 

(Patient Information Forum)

engage5    engage11    engage4    engage7

Provides lesson pack for schools on medicine use (produced with the National Pharmacy Association) And a Medicines for Children blank worksheet.

(Evelina London Children's Hospital)

engage11    engage8

Evelina London Children's Hospital promotion of a pharmacy help line.

I'm a carer how can pharmacy help me? I'm a carer how can pharmacy help me?


engage11    engage5    engage7

The PSNC has a section of its website on how pharmacy can support carers. There are template leaflets highlighting how the pharmacy team can help and information about managing patients medication.

(Carer Trust/PSNC)

engage11    engage5    engage7

Carer-Friendly pharmacy pilot, aimed at increasing the identification and support of unpaid carers within primary care through the concept of “care friendly pharmacies”. Includes pharmacy leaflet, poster and referral form. Also links to information on related training resources

How can pharmacy help me with electronic prescriptions & repeat dispensing? How can pharmacy help me with electronic prescriptions & repeat dispensing?


engage11    engage4    engage7

Webpage with dedicated section on communicating EPS realease 2 to patients - Template leaflet and videos from the HSCIC site.


engage11    engage4    engage7

A wide range of materials including patient videos, leaflet and posters, available in multiple languages.

engage11    engage7

PSNC have a dedicated section on repeat dispensing on their website with specific patient communication materials. A poster and leaflet are available.

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