Parkinson's - How a pharmacist can get involved


Presented by Suma Surendranath, Professional Engagement and Education Manager, Parkinson's UK and Shelley Jones, Chair, Neurosciences Group, United Kingdom Clinical Pharmact Association

About this webinar

The aim of this webinar is to review medicines used in the management of Parkinson's and discuss how pharmacists can support their patients to improve their quality of life including raising awareness of the importance of patients receiving and taking their medicines on time.

Medication plays a crucial role in the management of Parkinson's, however as a progressive condition with a range of symptoms, medication routines are often complex and individual to each person. It is vital that each person with Parkinson's is supported to get their medication, as they need it on time, every time to ensure the best quality of life. Pharmacists can play a major role in ensuring this, and also in monitoring response to treatment and preventing patients from taking medications, which may worsen their symptoms.

This webinar is jointly presented by the United Kingdom Clinical Pharmacy Association (UKCPA), Parkinson's UK and the Londep (RPS).

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